Frequently Asked Questions Can I buy one? How much do they cost? Do you offer financing? Can I become a distributer? How deep can they dive? How fast can they go? How long does it take to learn to operate? What happens if I dive too deep? Can they sink? Can it capsize? What's the maximum degree of rotation? Can they operate in the ocean or surf? How do you launch them? Are they Coastguard approved? Do I need a license to operate them? Can I register or insure them? Do you sell them outside the Germany? How much does it cost to ship a Diverbike? Can I make money with one? Can I rent one? Can I buy one? Yes, AKJK Yachtliftcenter is currently selling custom built versions of the Diverbike for public sale. Each vessel is built to order. No production units are available for immediate purchase. How much do they cost?  Prices start at 4,999.00 EUR for a standard X2 model, and the X4 model (which is the very high performance, super customized version) starts at 8,000.00 EUR. Because each Diverbike is custom built to order, we can accomodate almost every special requests, from intricate airbrushed paint schemes to personalized interior treatments. Do you offer financing? Unfortunately not, but as a solution we offer a two part payment program, 50% deposit to start production and upon completion the remainding 50%. Can I become a distributer? AKJK Yachtliftcenter is not currently offering exclusive distribution rights for any countries or regions. However, we are now appointing a few authorized dealerships in select locations throughout the world. These dealers will provide sales and servicing support to Diverbike customers in their specific teritory, as well as offer demonstration rides for prospective customers.  Exclusive distribution rights may be offered after an initial dealer period. How deep can they dive? Approximately 40 m (132’) for brief durations but generally they perform best between 10 m - 15 m below the surface. How fast can they go? Up to 15 kmh on the surface, and up to 12 kmh under water. The X4 model is capable of 25 kmh on the surface and up to 20 kmh under water! How long does it take to learn to operate? It is surprisingly quick to pick up the basic operation of the Diverbike and learn to navigate on the surface. Prolonged dives and other tricks take a little longer to master, but most pilots are proficient in a couple of days. What happens if I dive too deep? Because the Diverbike is positively buoyant, it needs speed in order to dive. If you  dive too deep it can happen that the engine is fills with water and will temporarily stop to work . The Diverbike will then automatically return to the surface.  Can they sink? No, the hull is constructed with enough flotation that it will always remain buoyant and level, even if the Diverbike and engine bay are fully flooded. Can it capsize? What's the maximum degree of rotation? Yes,when the compressed air bottle does not fit properly on the back or in the middle is. It's very stable and will self right. The Diverbike can be rolled over as much as you like fo radvanced stunts and tricks. Can they operate in the ocean or surf? They have been designed to operarate in salt water as well as fresh water and are designed to handle moderate ocean conditions. We do not recommend that novice operators operate them in surf or rough ocean conditions. How do you launch them? They can be launched at regular boat ramps, from an optional custom-built trailer or by hand on the beach. Easy as launching a conventional boat. Are they Coastguard approved? Both the Diverbike X2   and Diverbike X4  (extreme version) are approved for and had been granted exemption from certain safety standards due to its unique configuration. They have the exact same classification as a conventional Seascooter. Do I need a license to operate them?  Yes, the diver bike requires a valid diving certificate (PADI, SSI, etc...).  Always follow the general basic rules and safety regulations of diving. Do not ever dive alone, it can be perilous. Can I register or insure them? Yes, they can be registered as a conventional inboard boat and we can help you with finding insurance coverage for your Diverbike. Do you sell them outside the Germany?  Yes, we have built and delivered Diverbike as far away as USA the Caribbean, Saudi Arabia, Spain and the United Arab Emirates. Shipping cost estimates are available upon request. How much does it cost to ship a Diverbike? A Diverbike and trailer fit inside a standard 20 foot shipping container, Shipping cost is typically between 400.00 EUR and 1,500.00 EUR. We can provide you with a more accurate shipping quote to most destinations. Can I make money with one? There are many ways in which you can profit from owning a Diverbike due to their unique nature and mass appeal. Like us, you can perform media demonstrations, attend shows and events, gain corporate sponsorship, and even lease your vessel out for film and commercial work. We can help provide you with some of these opportunities. Soon, we expect to see Diverbike Rental and Training operations pop up throughout the world, as well as sanctioned racing events. All these operations, will provide a good source of revenue from owning a Diverbike. Can I rent one? Not at this stage, but many of our customers have expressed interest in starting Diverbike rental operations, so there may be a Diverbike rental facility near you in the upcoming future.
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